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Kayak Surfing Kailua Waves!Welcome to the kayaking in Kailua website, an informational site by kayakers for kayakers and prospective paddlers. Check out our site to find out kayaking spots in Kailua, photo albums from contributing members, and people who love the sport. In this photo album, Egmar and Andy catch some overhead waves, before a good wipe out! ALOHA,

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Devin's Photos
Devin Moody, Windports and Marketing Manager of Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks shared with us some of his favorite photos kayaking in Kailua.

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Kailua and Lanikai Beach Cleanup
Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks hosts an annual beach cleanup at Kailua Beach Park. This summer will be the 5th annual, with many more to come!

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Mokulua Island Photos
Egmar was invited on a helicopter ride over Lanikai and Kailua and took some real postcard quality photos. The Mokulua Islands, pictured, are the favorite destination for kayakers, with a beatiful beach for landing.

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Saturday, Feb 8th 2009

Water Conditions in Kailua

Kailua has had a record year of perfect Kona winds, with average temperatures in the mid seventies. It seems like it may be a record year for fun waves wrapping around the Mokuluas, a nice treat for kayakers. Remember, however, to pack everything in a dry bag or you'll be having an unexpected yard sale.